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Photography and Computer Vision

Start your journey into digital imaging and computer vision with our kit. Designed to complement Raspberry Pi functionality, it includes easy-to-use Raspberry Pi camera modules and an eBook with tutorials and real-world applications for photography, videography, and computer vision.

Required hardware

  • Raspberry Pi 4 Starter Kit
  • Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2
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Machine Vision Access Control

Embark on a cutting-edge journey with our machine vision access control kit. Perfect for starting with facial recognition, image classification and AI model training with OpenCV. Unlock endless project possibilities by leveraging the computational efficiency of Raspberry Pi.

Required hardware

  • Raspberry Pi 4 Starter kit
  • Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2
  • PiRelay Board
  • Solenoid electric lock
  • Power Connector Adapter
  • 2V DC Power Adapter (for electronics lock)
  • Hook-Up Wires
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